About us

Here at Top Notch Restoration, we specialize in commercial restoration services.

Our expertise

Part of our work is helping clients achieve a watertight building envelope with commercial caulking/sealants and elastomeric coatings.

Another part of our commercial expertise is drywall services, trim installation, commercial painting and asbestos removal.

Also, since we are fully trained and certified in swing stage,  manlift machinery and scaffolding, height is never an issue for us.

We are a small employee-owned company established in the Ottawa area. For the past 10 years we have serviced many commercial buildings with one goal in mind: to successfully accomplish the needs of our clients.

Our services

Elastomeric Wall Coatings

Project demands often dictate the use of elastomeric wall coatings to restore and weatherproof exterior building surfaces and to add aesthetic value. Top Notch Restoration has extensive experience in this…

Sealants and Caulking

Sealant and caulking application are another one of Top Notch Restoration’s core services of total building envelope maintenance. Our experienced work crew can quickly and safely remove aged or failing caulking…

Trim installation services

We often work with window installers in high rise buildings and take care of finishing the newly installed windows from the inside.  Whether it be drywall returns or trim installation around windows, along with insulation, spray foam and vapour barrier, we do it all.

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TopNotch Restoration

Here at Top Notch Restoration, we specialize in commercial restoration services.

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